I like to figure things out and writing is one of the ways that I do that. gaussmarkov.net is the result of my interest in guitar and electronics. If someone else reads this stuff and they get some enjoyment out of it, then so much the better.

If you have any comments, I hope you will post them. Questions, corrections, and exclamations are all welcome.

For more general help and information, please join and use Aron’s diystompboxes forum. I am a member there and I use the name gaussmarkov, naturally. 😉 If you would like to contact me, join this online forum and then you can send me a personal message there.

Cheers, gaussmarkov/Paul

P.S.  Occasionally I get requests to use my layouts to make PCBs for sale.  I am giving blanket permission for this (although it only applies to my layouts—not to those authored by others).  Free means free. 😉  I prefer to receive credit as the author of my layouts but I will not charge anyone for the use of any of the information that is on this site. Honestly, I don’t I am giving away anything that I did not already give away by posting on the internet.

That said, I am not giving permission for selling anything that is the legal property of someone else.  My understanding is that none of this information is protected by patent. Certainly the copyrights to my layouts belong to no one else. I have redrawn every schematic that I have used and posted a link to the source schematic. If there is a misunderstanding, please contact me.