Nordic’s Big Muff Pi Triangle Revision

by gaussmarkov

Nordic's BMP Triangle Revision

Nordic sent us a revision of the Big Muff Pi Triangle layout. He added his own artistic touches and created something that differs from most of our layouts in several ways.

First of all, you may notice all the round corners. These are produced with the same Eagle MITER command as the diagonal corners that you usually see on this site. But you have to switch the shape of the miter. Nordic also added this flourish to T intersections using the Eagle SPLIT command. These are a bit of extra work but they look great.

Second, Nordic lined everything up in straighter rows. When he did this, Nordic also adjusted the box capacitors (with a 100mil lead spacing) so that the boxes are centered along with the resistors. Most layouts tend to keep the pads lined up in rows so that the capacitors’ boxes are off-center.

Third, Nordic rearranged some components to remove a jumper. Whether you consider jumpers inelegant or not is largely a matter of taste. The need for them generally depends on how compact your layout must be. Used appropriately, jumpers do not introduce electronic issues. They are, after all, just resistors with 0K resistance and resistors are all over the place. 😉

When I looked at Nordic’s changes, I noticed a couple of other improvements myself and Nordic let me add them. For example, the transistors are lined up more neatly. I also decided to hook up C11, which is part of the tone stack, to +9V instead of ground. As you can see, it’s awkward to get a ground connection to C11 given the overall layout. Because capacitors block DC, hooking up a capacitor to any constant voltage amounts to the same thing for the effects on the signal.

Now some of these changes require a larger board. Does that matter? Not in this case, as you can see below, Nordic’s revision fits in a 1590B. You can see an example by stobiepole of an actual build like that using the original layout in this post.

Eagle3D POV-Ray Rendering of Nico's BMP Triangle

If you would like to use the Eagle files for this layout, there in this zip file.

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One Response to “Nordic’s Big Muff Pi Triangle Revision”

  1. Peps said:

    Is it as simple as changing the resistor value to match other Big Muffs, such as the Russian green? (as i notice some resister values here are not the same as the real Big Muff Pi Triangle?

    and do you happen to have a Eagle cad PCB layout for a Russian Green?

    Posted 17.09.2009 at 5:13 pm